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Machine capacity

We process aluminum, stainless, steel, plastic, brass, etc. Or in the materials requested by the client.
  • Turning

    • Rod diameter: Ø6-80mm
    • Length lap diameter: Ø4-25mm
    • Kuts turning up to 250mm
    • Total 9st CNC lathes
     o Hyundai-Kia SKT-100
     o Okuma, LC-20
     o Traub, TNS 60
     o Haas ST-10Y with robotbestyckning
     o Haas TL-15HE
     o Haas TL-1
     o Maier, ML 26-D
     o Daewoo Puma, Puma 230
     o Biglia, B.550 / YS
  • Machining

    • Milling Area: 7000 X, Y 900, Z 700. With rotating machining head end working in lengths up to 5000mm
    • Pallet machine: X 550, Y 350, Z 450
    • Vertical flerop: X 1270, Y 500, Z 600
    • Total 7st CNC flerop.
     o 3st Haas VF 4SSHE. Which is robot armed
     o Haas VF-2
     o Brother, TC-32B QT
     o Haas MDC
     o AXA VHC 3 - 7.000S
  • Cutting

    • Capable of cutting lengths from 4mm - 6000mm
    • Miter cutting procedures 100mm - 5000mm
    • Automatic cutting up to 220x400mm
    • Total 4st Aluminum Cuts
     o Emmegi, Precision T2 HSE
     o Emmegi, Classic Magic 500 TU / 4
     o Profilma RSP Sågautomat 600 m / e
     o Lindenmaier
  • Punching

    • Up to 65 tons
    • Press brake used as the standard beam 3000mm
    • Robot cell equipped with eccentric and brush deburring
  • Deburring

    • Robot equipped brush deburring 300-700mm
    • Brush deburring: 40mm-1900mm
    • Rotomat, for brushing smaller details
    • Tumbling: 1st 25liter, 1st 400liter
  • Assembly

    • Perform sub-assemblies and complete assembly.
    • Customized packing with the ability to finished inventory and ordering delivery.
  • Labelling

    • SIC Marking, C151 X: 160mm Y: 100mm Z: 250mm


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