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August Beslagsindustri AB is a family business dating back to 1946. The company was founded by its current owner Sivert Augustsson's father and uncle Alvar and Sven Augustsson, with production of snap hooks and brackets. Sivert took over the company in 1986 and then changed direction towards purely contract manufacturing. Today, we are just over 40 people working in the company, with 3500m² of production and warehouse facilities at our disposal.

We lathes, mills, cutters, punches and mounts. Our great specialty is working in aluminum, but we also have extensive experience in iron, stainless steel, plastic and brass. Our second major strength is a solid experience in customer-specific assembly and packaging of call-offs and inventory.
We now focus on the automation process for better working environment and competitive pricing.

We work with large and small clients. Our attitude is that even small customers may be large. Examples of our customers today are SAPA, SKF and Swedish Match.
We work with several different platers to be able to deliver fully finished product to our customers.
To shorten the streamline and startup new jobs as we have all our own fixtures and tools in our own tool department.

When everything counts, count on us!


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